Anna Burch

When Anna Burch introduced herself on her 2018 debut Quit the Curse, it was with a concentrated wash of energetic, serotonin-boosting pop. Two years later, Burch’s follow up If You’re Dreaming takes us down a different path than its predecessor, shedding some nervous energy in favor of a deeper exploration of an internal world.

If You’re Dreaming was tracked with producer Sam Evian in his home studio in the Catskill mountains of upstate New York. The end goal was to present not just an assortment of new songs, but craft an album that moved dynamically through an interconnected emotional arc. With recurring themes of isolation, weariness and longing, these songs deliver that emotional arc with a delicate but uncompromising execution.

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  • Anna Burch
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  • Tell Me What's True (4:43)
    Anna Burch
  • Party's Over (3:26)
    Anna Burch
  • Not So Bad (4:06)
    Anna Burch
  • With You Every Day (4:22)
    Ben Collins & Anna Burch
  • 2 Cool 2 Care (4:04)
    Anna Burch
  • Tea-Soaked Letter (3:38)
    Ambar Navarro
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