Beach Slang

Feelings of youth and vulnerability lie at the core of Beach Slang's music, which is part punk, part pop and all catharsis. It references the ghosts of The Replacements but keeps one foot firmly rooted in the present. It's fun and it's serious. It's sad but it isn't. It's Beach Slang.


  • Atom Bomb (2:08)
    Jason Lester
  • Future Mixtape For The Art Kids [Quiet Slang] (3:04)
    Jason Lester
  • Dirty Cigarettes [Quiet Slang] (3:26)
    Jason Lester
  • Bad Art & Weirdo Ideas [Quiet Slang] (4:02)
  • Spin The Dial (3:20)
    Jason Lester
  • Punks In A Disco Bar (2:46)
    Jason Lester
  • Bad Art & Weirdo Ideas (3:24)
    Konstantinos Psimaris and Tom Ammon
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