Satomi Matsuzaki plays bass and sings, Greg Saunier plays drums, John Dieterich and Ed Rodriguez play guitars.

But what is Deerhoof really? Hell if we know.

Pitchfork went so far as to label Deerhoof as "the best band in the world.” The New York Times described them as “one of the most original rock bands to have come along in the last decade.”

From their humble beginnings as an obscure San Francisco noise act, they've become one of indie music's most influential bands with their ecstatic and unruly take on pop.


  • That Ain’t No Life To Me (1:52)
    Mizotte & Cabecou
  • Dispossessor (2:33)
    Gary McQuiggin
  • The Devil and his Anarchic Surrealist Retinue (3:28)
    Joe Baughman
  • Criminals of the Dream (5:11)
    Trevor Shimizu & Josh Brand
  • Big House Waltz (3:38)
    Macio & Turbodizel
  • Tiny Bubbles (3:33)
    Geoff Hoskinson
  • Black Pitch (3:24)
    Gary McQuiggin
  • Paradise Girls (3:49)
    Kenichi Iwasa
  • Exit Only (2:59)
    Vice Cooler
  • Mirror Monster (2:42)
    Todd Chandler
  • Flower (2:23)
    Owen Donovan & Yuan Liu
  • Breakup Songs (2:04)
    Pieter Dirkx
  • We Do Parties (3:16)
    Michinori Saigo
  • Mario's Flaming Whiskers III (2:34)
    Richard Huntington Swanson
  • Fête d'Adieu (3:27)
    Elias Gwinn
  • Secret Mobilization (3:20)
    Ewan MacLeod
  • The Merry Barracks (3:35)
    Akiko McQuerrey and Jason Drakeford
  • Super Duper Rescue Heads ! (2:42)
    Noriko Oishi
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