As one of the founding members of the noisy electronic group Holy Fuck, Brian Borcherdt has spent years making unhinged dance music. Behind the scenes, however, Borcherdt was writing songs of his own that branched out in dramatically different directions than his main gig.

If Brian’s work in Holy Fuck represents a reckless night out, Dusted is the somber comedown the morning after — fuzzy landscapes, dream-like production and buzzing melodies that bury Borcherdt’s twisted take on pop under layers of an all-important haze.

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  • Dusted
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  • Dead Eyes (5:07)
    Ft. Langley
  • Backwoods Ritual (1:48)
    Anna Edwards- Borcherdt
  • There Somehow (3:05)
    Scott Cudmore
  • (Into the) Atmosphere (2:52)
    Aaron Kopff and Paul Gerretsen

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