Hazel English

Hazel English is an Australian artist based in Oakland, California who makes amazingly infectious dream-pop that's both candid and deeply affecting.

Hazel moved to Oakland to study creative writing, transferring from her native Melbourne. She didn't know she'd stay there, or indeed that she'd find the tight-knit musical community that thrives there, but she was drawn to something about the place - a connection. Given the time and space to make music in her new home, she took a casual approach to working with producer Jackson Phillips (aka Day Wave), even as debut track "Never Going Home" racked up millions of plays online. Picking lyrics from her journal entries and jotting down ideas on a reel-to-reel tape recorder, this simple but personal approach worked wonders.

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  • Shaking (3:39)
    Erin S. Murray
  • More Like You (4:15)
    Ian Tulud, David Vieira
  • That Thing (Digital Bonus Track) (3:10)
  • Never Going Home (4:04)
    Sam Hayes
  • Control (3:27)
    Kate Cox
  • Fix (3:42)
    Austin M. Kearns
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