Hazel English

With her debut full-length album, Wake UP!, Hazel English has traded the hazy, reverb drenched production styles prevalent in her earlier work for sounds synonymous with classic pop records from the late 60's. Production isn't the only dramatic change, however. A move from San Francisco to Los Angeles to explore a collaborative relationship with producer Justin Raisen (Sky Ferreira, Charli XCX, Angel Olsen) proved to bring a fine tuned sense of pop craftsmanship to the songs that would become Wake UP!

On tracks like "Shaking," "Off My Mind," and "Five and Dime," English's sharpened sense for songwriting are on full display with timeless pop hooks and addictive melodies. Wake UP! casts a wry, appraising eye over modern life and promises to be one of the highlights of 2020.

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  • Off My Mind (3:38)
    Hazel English
  • Shaking (3:39)
    Erin S. Murray
  • More Like You (4:15)
    Ian Tulud, David Vieira
  • That Thing (Digital Bonus Track) (3:10)
  • Never Going Home (4:04)
    Sam Hayes
  • Control (3:27)
    Kate Cox
  • Fix (3:42)
    Austin M. Kearns
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