Jay Som

Melina Duterte is a master of voice: Hers are dream pop songs that hint at a universe of her own creation. Recording as Jay Som since 2015, Duterte’s world of shy, swirling intimacies always contains a disarming ease, a sky-bent sparkle and a grounding indie-rock humility. In an era of burnout, the title track of her 2017 breakout, Everybody Works, remains a balm and an anthem.

When it was time to make Jay Som’s second album, Duterte relocated from her hometown roots in California’s Bay Area to Los Angeles and started writing. The result, Anak Ko, is some of Duterte’s strongest work to date. Translating to “my child” in English, Anak Ko, presents an exciting glimpse into Duterte’s creative process and solidifies her undeniable progression as one of 2019's strongest and gifted songwriters

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  • Nighttime Drive (3:13)
    Han Hale
  • Tenderness (3:59)
    Weird Life
  • Superbike (4:09)
  • The Bus Song (3:37)
    Michelle Zauner
  • One More Time, Please (3:36)
    Christopher Good
  • Baybee (3:44)
    Charlotte Hornsby and Jesse Ruuttila
  • Ghost (3:10)
    Neil Davis
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