New Zealand’s Ladyhawke, AKA Pip Brown, has been releasing electrifying pop music since her self-titled debut in 2008. Her breakout single, “Paris is Burning,” led to spots on New Zealand & Australia’s Top 10 singles charts. Three years later, the more aurally angular follow-up, Anxiety, yielded the stand-out, synch-friendly single, “Blue Eyes.” Like its predecessor, the album charted in the U.K.’s Top 40 and in Australia’s and New Zealand’s Top 20, respectively. With Wild Things, Brown’s 3rd full-length and Polyvinyl debut, she’s channeling what’s to come rather than past demons.

“I think I went even more synthy and poppy this time around,” Brown says of the buoyant Wild Things. “I feel good for the first time in 10 years."

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