Paris, Texas

Paris, Texas was formed at 112 S. Hancock, Madison, WI in December 1997 where a convergent interest in America's Funny Man, Neil Hamburger (and rather peripheral interest in music too) led to a collaboration between the five fellas.  

In early 1998 Paris, Texas recorded a five-song demo tape and landed their first show at Whole Music Club in Minneapolis with Rainer Maria. That fall, Polyvinyl Records released the band's debut EP, and Paris, Texas, in the grand tradition of punk rock bands, began touring in their 1976 Ford Econoline.

In 1999, Paris, Texas wrote, recorded, and released So, You Think It's Hot Here?, the group's jangly, guitar-fueled pop/rock/indie full-length debut. In the fall of that year, Matt Magan left the band for New York and was supplanted by Nolen Treolo. By 2000, Paris, Texas had rounded their already unique sound and played over 100 shows, including a sting of dates with Sensefield, and a U.S. tour with labelmates Sunday's Best. That same year, the group released the celebrated 5-song EP, Brazilliant!

Following the success of Brazilliant!, Paris, Texas entered the studio to record the Action Fans Help Us! EP, scheduled for release in 2003. A precursor to the band's transition to major label New Line Records, this rare collection was finally released by Polyvinyl Records in the summer of 2007. 

Paris, Texas went on to release Like You Like An Arsonist in 2004 on New Line Records. Including re-recorded versions of all five tracks on Action Fans Help Us!, the fusion of rock, power-pop and clever one-liners was well received by critics and fans alike, and led to extensive touring with bands such as Jimmy Eat World and Alkaline Trio. Despite this, by 2005 the members of the band went their separate ways, dissolving what was Paris, Texas.

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