Quiet Slang

Almost since Beach Slang came into being, bandleader James Alex has taken to performing his group's heartfelt anthems as more intimate solo renditions.

Appropriately dubbed "Quiet Slang," these alternate reality versions of Beach Slang's music have now been thoughfully re-imagined in the studio to pair James Alex's voice with piano and cello.

The result is a collection of songs that peel away the layers of reverb and distortion to lay bare their starkly honest and emotional cores.


  • Future Mixtape For The Art Kids [Quiet Slang] (3:04)
    Jason Lester
  • Dirty Cigarettes [Quiet Slang] (3:26)
    Jason Lester
  • Bad Art & Weirdo Ideas [Quiet Slang] (4:02)

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