Sunday's Best

"There's a fine line between stick-to-it-tiveness and self-delusion," quips Sunday's Best drummer/producer Tom Ackerman,"and right now I think we're happily confused as to where we stand." Seated next to lead singer/guitarist Ed Reyes, who smiles, Ackerman continues in the tone usually reserved for the telling of embarrassing childhood anecdotes, "we have endured a seriously tough winter: a horrible fall tour, the departure of a founding member and primary songwriter, the changing of booking agents, the quitting of our manager/lawyer, as well as my personal troubles of divorce and rehab. Most bands probably would have quit."

A great deal of "Behind the Music" style antics have transpired for the Los Angeles-based quartet, despite their somewhat typical beginnings. Sunday's Best formed in 1997 when Reyes met guitarist (and then drummer) Ian Moreno while working at KXLU, Los Angeles' seminal college radio station.

Sunday's Best first signed with crank! records and released the Where You Are Now EP, and hit the road. Then they signed to Polyvinyl Records and released their first full-length, Poised To Break, in October of 2000. After a great run at college radio and some key high profile shows in New York, the band limped home from their 6 week fall tour and then seemed to implode.

Shortly after arriving home from tour, the booking agent and the band parted ways, the manager stopped calling, Ackerman checked into rehab and his wife filed for divorce. To top everything off, before Ackerman could complete his rehab stay, Pedro Benito, a primary songwriter and founding member, resigned. The days ahead seemed pretty dark.

And yet, in the months that followed, when things seemed the bleakest, the true character of the band was revealed. Reyes took over the business aspects of the band and switched to guitar, James Tweedy was added to play bass, and the band got back to doing what all good bands do: writing music. The band's sophomore effort, The Californian, showed a band reinventing itself; sloughing off tendencies toward the dual guitar noodling and screaming vocals of their post-indie rock adolescence. 

In 2003, Sunday's Best decided to call it quits for good.  Ed and Ian started a new band called The Little Ones.  Pedro now plays in The Jealous Sound, and James plays in The Bronx.


  • Don't Let It Fade (4:09)
    Bradley Scott

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