The Get Up Kids

On the strength of five records (including seminal debut Four Minute Mile and bona fide classic Something to Write Home About), The Get Up Kids have toured the world over and sold more than a million albums. The Midwestern five-piece defined a genre and inspired a generation of musicians in their wake.

Tour Dates

  • The Get Up Kids
Concerts by


  • Lou Barlow (2:18)
    Kerstin Ebert
  • Salina (4:49)
    Shawn Brackbill
  • The Problem Is Me (2:43)
    Shawn Brackbill
  • Satellite (2:55)
    Kerstin Ebert
  • I'm Sorry (3:23)
    Shawn Brackbill
  • Better This Way (3:19)
    Shawn Brackbill
  • Maybe (3:11)
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