The legend of the chaotic phenomenon known as XBXRX began back in '98 with a group of southern-bred kids aged 13 to 15.

Fueled by explosive adolescent energy and brimming with rebellion against the complacency of their conservative hometown, the youths hit the studio soon after, tracking their initial sides before heading off on the first of what would become dozens of separate tours. These tours would bring them across the entire continental US, Hawaii, Europe, and nearly Canada- a trip cancelled by an uptight Canadian border guard.

That initial East Coast jaunt threw down a gauntlet for standards of high energy performance: blazing from town to town in a van stolen outright from the drummer's mother; leaving a smoldering pile of decimated guitars, drums and keyboards in the wake; and racking up a kamikaze-like tally of hospital visits and general mayhem - all in the hyper-compressed duration of 8 minutes!!! No stage could contain the blisteringly positive frenzy of XBXRX!

Love them or hate them, you'll never forget them. The band has blinded their audiences with racks of colorful flashing lights, bombarded them with balloons and even abandoned the stage to incite dance riots and group hugs in an attempt to make the XBXRX experience something much more than just another show. The band has always sought to erase their individual identities and considers itself a flexible entity whose sum total is greater than the parts. Over the years the band's style of relentlessly joyous musical assault has been championed by many major figures in underground rock - having opened on tours with buddies such as Sonic Youth, Peaches, Unwound, Mr. Quintron, Deerhoof, and Q and Not U as well as having worked with accomplished producers/engineers like Steve Albini, Don Zientara, Ian MacKaye, Vern Rumsey and Tim Kerr.

In addition to their debut full-length 2000 release Gop Ist Minee (5RC/Tapes Records), XBXRX has steadily issued a stunning series of seven inches on labels like GSL, Narnack and others around the world in order to compliment their frequent touring. Through sheer word of mouth alone the band was able to sell astounding numbers of Gop, many of them out of the back of the van after yet another typically insane, smoldering performance.

On the full-length XBXRX record, Sixth in Sixes, the band revealed newly-found musical growth and maturity over the course of 18 succinct and varied tracks. The lyrics and concept of the album deal implicitly with the decline of civilization as predicted by the arcane theory of sixth extinction...the beautiful but annihilating hand of Mother Nature is neigh and the group heralds an apocalyptic vision of distinct power that will surprise new and old fans alike. XBXRX mates a post-hardcore guitar onslaught with articulate experimentation and intense, cathartic vocals to create a relentlessly modern rock music that is as chilling as it is invigorating. Produced by the band in tandem with noise-rock cult hero Weasel Walter, XBXRX stepped vastly forward in fidelity, revealing a finely grained, detailed and emotional wall of sound.

XBXRX continued to progress with their 2007 album, Wars. The album incorporated a wider palette of textures, rhythm and structure as well as gained a newfound clarity in the vocals. The band toured extensively in 2007 throughout the US and Mexico.

In 2007, XBXRX released the instrumental album, Sounds, on Important Records. Known for an intensely high-energy live show, Sounds captures the improvisational elements of XBXRX's instrumentation and presents it in a sonic package of 7 frenzied tracks. Beyond labels of noise-rock and powerful percussion, Sounds presents a cohesive addition to XBXRX's already lauded catalog.

On June 3, 2009, XBXRX released the full-length Un Usper on their official website. The donation based, download only work was both mixed and produced by the band.


  • Ear Ever Hear (2:11)
    Vice Cooler
  • Pigs Wear Blue (1:28)
    xbxrx with Ryan Junell