NEW RELEASE: Deerhoof's Reveille LP Re-issue & DeerBazan 7
NEW RELEASE: Deerhoof's Reveille LP Re-issue & DeerBazan 7"
Posted 01/17/2012

I wish I could create a national holiday. If I could, I'd name today DEERHOOF DAY, and make it a requirement that everyone listen to Deerhoof all day long. Unfortunately, I don't have the power to create such a holiday. Not yet that is...

But alas! I do have the power to post this blog entry, letting you know that Deerhoof's Reveille LP re-issue and their amazing new DeerBazan 7" are both out today.

The Reveille LP re-issue comes on beautiful 180-gram light blue vinyl and has been out of print for a long while now. This album is the first to feature current guitarist John Dieterich and also has a different song sequence that the original pressing. Pretty cool eh?

DeerBazan is the newest installment in the ongoing Deerhoof 7" series where other musicians contribute new vocals/lyrics to an existing Deerhoof track while including something of their own on side B. This time, David Bazan does just that with the song "No One Asked to Dance," from last year's Deerhoof vs. Evil. For the B-side, Bazan gave us a live version of the Headphones song "Gas and Matches." This one is limited to just 2000 copies and also comes on blue vinyl.

Follow the link below to check out both releases as well as a few package deals we put together for you!