Generationals Sign to Polyvinyl / Pre-Order New Album - Heza
Generationals Sign to Polyvinyl / Pre-Order New Album - Heza
Posted 01/07/2013

Heza will be available on a special run of neon red vinyl (limited to 500 copies and only available through the PV store). All record shops will carry a clear vinyl version.

More about Generationals:

Since releasing their debut full-length Con Law in 2009, Generationals have consistently delivered pop hooks shone through a melancholic prism. This trend continued with 2010's Trust EP and again on 2011's full-length Actor-Caster.Now, with Heza, the band (Ted Joyner & Grant Widmer) deliver all that you've come to love from them, only now the focus is on rhythms and textures, revealing a more patient band -- one willing to dig for deeper gems than in their previous work.

Recorded in phases at Jim Eno's Public Hifi in Austin, producer Daniel Black's Bent Black studio in D.C., and their hometown of New Orleans, these songs show restraint, with hooks developing in the spaces between sounds.