Joan of Arc Announces Collaboration / New Album Out July 30th
Joan of Arc Announces Collaboration / New Album Out July 30th
Posted 05/23/2013

Exciting news on the Joan of Arc horizon! The band has been hard at work on an exciting new collaboration with Chicago based company Every house has a door, and details of the project have just been announced today. Joan of Arc will be releasing a new album, Testimonium Songs, July 30th on limited edition CD, hand-numbered LP (500 magenta, 500 black), cassette, and digital formats. The album is available for pre-order now RIGHT HERE.

Testimonium Songs
collects the song cycle composed by Joan of Arc (Tim Kinsella, Bobby Burg, and Theo Katsaounis) to be performed live in Testimonium, a work of performance by well-respected experimental theater ensemble Every house has a door. Testimonium responds — both in substance and in style — to Charles Reznikoff’s monumental work Testimony, a translation into poetry of courtroom transcripts of witness and victim testimonies in criminal cases and cases of workplace negligence, in the US, spanning the years 1885 to 1915. Performances of Testimonium incorporate modern dance, theater, and original songs written and played by Joan of Arc.

In a departure for the band, these highly structured compositions, developed over a two-year rehearsal period, emulate Reznikoff’s poetics by shaping themselves according to a mosaic method – rotating a fixed set of musical units in warping permutations. Check out the opening track "Amelia" above.

The lyrics re-invent the strategies of Objectivist poetry, by turns surreal, ordinary, testimonial, and explosive, releasing the undercurrent of emotion in the poems while (almost) never quoting them directly.

Beyond collecting the Testimonium Songs, the record has a life of its own, with the contributions of stellar musicians David Grubbs, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Michael Zerang, and Jim Baker, additional vocals by Melina Ausikaitis, and musical material not included in the performance. The album does not feature recent Joan of Arc contributor/member, Victor Villarreal, as he and Kinsella are currently working towards the completion of a new Owls album.

The cover art was made by renowned Chicago artist Jason Lazarus.

To showcase Testimonium in a live setting, Chicago Cultural Center presents, in association with Every house has a door, the world premier performances of Testimonium, October 17 – 20, 2013 at The Storefront Theater, Chicago. Watch a preview of the Testimonium performance above.