Pre-Order New Deerhoof Album - The Magic | Stream
Pre-Order New Deerhoof Album - The Magic | Stream "Plastic Thrills"
Posted 04/19/2016

After yesterday's surprise track announcement for "Debut," Deerhoof have yet another surprise for you (and they only made you wait 24 hours)! The band's incredible new album, The Magic, will be released June 24, and it is available for pre-order now RIGHT HERE!

The album will be available on "Early Bird" edition purple vinyl with white starburst (limited to 600), clear purple vinyl, CD, cassette, or digitally. The "Early Bird" edition will also come with a free cassette of Deerhoof covering some of their favorite songs!

If you were excited to hear "Debut," you're going to love "Plastic Thrills," the first official single off The Magic. NPR Music premiered the song on today's "All Songs Considered" show and had nothing but amazing things to say about it.

"Three of the songs on the San Francisco group Deerhoof's upcoming LP, The Magic, were actually written and recorded over the same weekend for the HBO series Vinyl. They may not have made it onto the show, but these fantastically beautiful, frenetic songs — which include "Plastic Thrills" — are just great examples of the band's high-energy pop." -Robin Hilton

After all the accolades from press and peers, what’s a legendary band to do? Forget the recording studio, rent out an abandoned office space in the middle of the New Mexico desert, set up, plug in and play REALLY LOUD. Starting with hardly a notion of the outcome, by seven days later Deerhoof had found (you guessed it) The Magic: a raw and refreshing 15-song wallop of an album about what happens when you leave your comfort zone.

Read more about The Magic and pre-order the album RIGHT HERE.