Psychic Twin's Debut Album, Strange Diary, Out Now!
Psychic Twin's Debut Album, Strange Diary, Out Now!
Posted 09/09/2016

Psychic Twin's stunning debut album, Strange Diary, is officially out now! Find it at your local record shop, favorite digital outlet, or snag the Early Bird Edition 180-Gram Metallic Gold vinyl (limited to 300) in the Polyvinyl E-Store now.

Psychic Twin's Erin Fein had this to say about the album, "...even at my lowest points, times I wasn't sure I could survive, there was always music and therefore, there was always beauty. The creation of Psychic Twin and subsequently 'Strange Diary', allowed for me a very special way to process this duality, it truly helped me to survive the deepest pain, to gain perspective, but also to experience the simple elegance of sounds mixing together, like a sonic water color painting, swirling around my life and healing my broken heart."

Hear why Pitchfork said "…ethereal vocals collide with a persistent kick drum, to which your toe can’t help but tap along. The effect is immediate..."

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