Watch Xiu Xiu's New Music Video for
Watch Xiu Xiu's New Music Video for "Petite"
Posted 11/16/2017

Alright enough messing around... time to get real for a minute. Today Xiu Xiu shared an official video for "Petite," taken from their latest full-length, FORGET, out now. There's a pretty heavy backstory to this one, so we'll let the band's own Jamie Stewart take it from here:

"there is a notorious website called that until recently was a hub for trafficking in underage sex workers. a lot of this trafficking takes place in the next neighborhood over from where i live.

the screen shots are all from ads on that were on backpage for children being used for sex work.

the song petite is about these girls.

at the end of the song "faith torn apart" on FORGET there is a specific line devoted to each of the girls in the photos used in this video."

These are terrible, harsh truths about the world we live in, however, we can always do our part to lend a hand. Please take a moment and check out the following resources & never forget to be excellent to one another: Hope For Justice, Polaris Project, Prajwala, Urban Light.