FAN shares an electric video for new single
FAN shares an electric video for new single "Velour" via Brooklyn Vegan
Posted 04/04/2018

Jumpstart your day with a surge of energy courtesy of a glowing roller skater & FAN's latest song "Velour." Meric Long gave Brooklyn Vegan insight into the inspo' behind the electric track and music video (directed by Joseph Baughman):

"This song is an ode to one of the best performances I saw in 2017, which was the lip sync performance in the season finale of Rupaul’s Drag Race by the contestant Sasha Velour. I couldn’t stop thinking about it for days afterwards, and everytime I did I could literally feel this surge of energy well up inside me. I couldn’t believe the amount of energy transferred across television waves. For the video, the director Joseph Baughman really had total free reign so I can’t really cop to know where he was coming from, but I see it as an extension of that same idea, the transference of energy across screens and how we come to have these big emotions about people we watch and never know.”
"Velour" is taken from FAN's debut full length, Barton's Den, out May 4th.