​Listen to Collections of Colonies of Bees new song
​Listen to Collections of Colonies of Bees new song "Killerers" + official music video for "Ruins" out now!
Posted 06/20/2018

Make it a CoCoBees' Wednesday! Today the band shares second single "Killerers," plus a dope new video for "Ruins". Both songs are taken from Collections of Colonies of Bees' new album, HAWAII, out July 13.

Pre-orders available now on limited edition vinyl (look at that sweet pic), CD, and digital.

Here's the story behind "Killerers" –

Chris Rosenau texted Justin Vernon on the way home from performing duets with Nick Sanborn at the second annual Eaux Claires festival and asked, “if Bees got a whole new set together, could they play the third annual Eaux Claires music festival?” Bees was the first band booked.

All songs that appear on the new album, HAWAII, were written based on that text message - to premiere at EXC3 in July 2017. Collections of Colonies of Bees music has spanned many genres over the years. For this set, the current members were all in agreement: something new. Vocals were suggested, but shelved as an idea. Shelved that is, until a new approach was hatched: come up with a process whereby vocals could be micro-edited and spliced together, much like Rosenau’s guitar loops, such that they could be in sync with the music and build to make new, unexpected melodies on top of each other. The band also wanted to accomplish this without a laptop on stage. Tall order, but after enlisting long time friend Marielle Allschwang to see if the idea could work, they ended up inventing a new instrument: a pedal rig so Allschwang could link her voice to Rosenau’s guitar. Their pedals are connected and timed together, allowing them to create complex layers of rhythms and harmonies, a technique on full display in “Killerers” as well as the rest of the album, contributing to its signature sound.