Radiation City share surprise farewell release, CODA
Radiation City share surprise farewell release, CODA
Posted 06/22/2018

Radiation City are back with a surprise new EP, CODA. Sadly this will be the final release from our fav Pacific Northwesterners, but these six tracks are a beautifully epic way to go. Listen below or head to our E-Store to order digitally. Read a statement from the band below —

Radiation City formed in 2010 and ended in November of 2016, but there was an EP in the works so we decided to finish the mixes and release it. The EP is a swan song and also a love letter to the fans who supported us loyally for years.

The details of the dissolution of the band are difficult to discuss in too much detail; it was a deeply personal thing to experience and we’ve laid bare too much of the personal stuff over the years. That’s why we never really discussed it when it initially happened. It remains equally hard to talk about now, and we assure you it is not a dismissal of what you all have done for us over the years, because none of us will ever forget the love you’ve shown us.

We poured everything we had into this for 6 years and we had to make the hard choice to close that chapter and move on. CODA tells that story indirectly, if you choose to listen. It says, in short: “We’re sorry. We love you. We’re gonna miss you.”

Radiation City