Happy release day to Phantastic Ferniture's debut album!
Happy release day to Phantastic Ferniture's debut album!
Posted 07/27/2018
"Phantastic Ferniture is a no-constraints play place where the music makes you want to dance, whether you have a fern head or not.” - Paste

“… inspires listeners to loosen up, leave their comfort zones, and venture off in pursuit of self-discovery.” - Consequence of Sound

"[Phantastic Ferniture] does a really nice job of taking [Julia's] beautiful... plaintive voice and setting it over songs that rock and make you move along with a certain energy to them." - NPR Music

"With just nine songs, Phantastic Ferniture never overstay their welcome. They just leave you wanting more.” - Brooklyn Vegan

"It’s urgent and wild, with a solid backbone of retro harmonies and percussion fit for grooving to in a dark, sweaty room. Driving basslines and Jacklin’s shimmering vocal harmonies lend the songs on Phantastic Ferniture a compelling combination of vulnerability and coolness.” - NoDepression

"If Jacklin’s solo work is all head and heart, the Phantastic Ferns show more sizzle and swagger and Jacklin sounds totally at ease with it.” - Sound Lab

“A hazy, psychedelic trance like project with an odd spelling. If the project sounds like it was birthed at a bar, that’s because it was and each member’s raw talent shines in the swirling melodies that latch forever in your brain.” - New Noise Magazine

Phantastic Ferniture Friday!!!!

The cutest, sweetest, best at music videos Aussies that we know have released their wild self-titled album into the world today. It's time to get jiggy with your phavorite ferns. NPR included in their New Music Friday: Six Albums You Should Hear Now, so did Brooklyn Vegan in Five Notable Releases of the Week.Listen to the debut full length now and dance all summer long.

Head to our E-Store to snag a mailorder exclusive epic Green vinyl. Also available on Hot Pink.

Bonus: If you live south of the equator you can catch the bbs on their Australian tour in August.