Jacco Gardner's immersive cosmic journey, Somnium, is out now
Jacco Gardner's immersive cosmic journey, Somnium, is out now
Posted 11/23/2018
"The sumptuous and quirky third album from the Netherlands musician charmingly harks back to 1970s electronica." -The Guardian, 4 stars

"Somnium's aim and direction are uniquely its own, its conclusion open-ended yet still satisfying." -PopMatters

“Gardner merges spiritualism with techno-utopian soundscapes all while sitting comfortably and anonymously behind his otherworldly creations." -Under the Radar

“The baroque singer has moved away from his guitar and vocals-heavy approach and shifted into immersive synth territory. The end result creates an engulfing sonic swirl, recalling the enveloping work of Cluster and Tangerine Dream.” -Uncut

"Somnium doesn't speak to the social and political implications of the modern flexibility of facts; it doesn't speak at all. Instead, it presents 12 instrumental songs of bijou cinematic psychedelia designed to accompany a manageable trip, be it inward or outward." -PopMatters

"Queasy, wavering synth lines and trickling bells on tracks such as opener "Rising" give the impression of a lost score to a forgotten giallo film, while sinuous grooves and pillowy drum beats on tracks like "Privolva" are pure pastoral Krautrock.” -Under the Radar
"Somnium still boasts a craftman’s attention to detail and sparkling melodic nuance. Gardner balances out the sweet nostalgia with a subtle but pervasive eeriness. An ornate instrumental curio with a sneaky, unexpected charm.” -NARC Magazine

Snag your copy of the Dutch producer and multi-instrumentalist's 43-minute transformative journey, Somnium, on 180-Gram Clear Blue now.