Xiu Xiu announce new album Girl with Basket of Fruit, out 2/8, with music video for lead single “Scisssssssors”
Xiu Xiu announce new album Girl with Basket of Fruit, out 2/8, with music video for lead single “Scisssssssors”
Posted 12/06/2018

All hail the demon Vetis – Xiu Xiu is back. Today the band shares the first single from their forthcoming album, Girl with Basket of Fruit, out February 8th. Watch the official video for “Scisssssssors,” the first act of a three part series, co-directed by the band’s own Angela Seo. Featuring Xiu Xiu’s Jamie Stewart and Angela Seo, as well as, Ron Athey, Elliot Reed and more. The series focuses on ritual, mythology, mundane and divergent belief, film, music, and resurrected motifs from preceding Xiu Xiu videos.

Girl with Basket of Fruit is imbued with the agitation, tension, sorrow and anger that has permeated the daily lives of so many over the last few years. Produced by Angela Seo and Greg Saunier of Deerhoof, Xiu Xiu is Thor Harris, Jordan Geiger, Angela Seo, and Jamie "Butch Jenny" Stewart.

Mailorder exclusive Early Bird edition is limited to just 500 copies pressed on 180-Gram Clear w/ Pink Smoke vinyl and includes a BONUS Yellow 7" Flexi with the song “Yellow Candle.” Additionally, Girl with Basket of Fruit arrives with a merch offering to die for, including a full length purple robe, a Xiu Xiu in your mouth toothbrush, a Jamie Stewart hugging himself pillow, and so much more. Do it up!
Girl with Basket of Fruit could be anything
It could be handfuls of reds
It could be turning Caravaggio’s Boy with Basket of Fruit to face the wall
It could be the demon Vetis, whose friends call Him The Life Promiser
It could be doing the wrong thing together forever
It could be a psychedelic Chicago house song about a pig & about your parents
It could be your sister has cancer & they keep chopping parts of her body off
It could be Jack Smith has a film called Normal Love
It could be scisssssssors, air conditioner tubes, glasses of ice & seashells
It could be that Nature is making it clear to us that we deserve it and that we are making it clear to Her that we are ready, ready to go
It could be improvised vocals by Elliot Reed & orchestrated vocals by Eugene Robinson
It could be that despite the confusion of this life, people who can still truthfully call themselves human try to push through 2019’s collecting horror
It could be slowed down & fuzzed out field recordings of disappearing frogs
It could be flat purple & black or glossy black & purple
It could be handfuls of that you just have to stop being a wuss & deal with it
It could be…