C'mon get nostalgic with Diane Coffee's official video for
C'mon get nostalgic with Diane Coffee's official video for "Like A Child Does"
Posted 04/03/2019

Guess who? Diane Coffee graced us with his new single "Like A Child Does" last week, and today he shares the official music video, a playful and wildly inventive riff on the song's lyrics, featuring all your favorite board games from childhood. Head over to V Magazine for a full interview with Shaun Fleming about his forthcoming new album Internet Arms

"As Diane Coffee, Fleming balances a ’70s-inspired sound with an internet-bred, gender-nudging aesthetic. And while the new track, “Like a Child Does,” may hark back to Fleming’s inner “cyberkid,” the sound is as raw and authentic as ever."

Diane Coffee was also recently profiled by Aquarium Drunkard, discussing Internet Arms' concept of society's tangled relationship with technology: "This album isn't saying 'technology is a bad thing,' that's not what it's about," says Fleming. "It's asking these questions. I'm trying to ask the question, how do we integrate this into our lives and make something sustainable? Cause right now, our human interaction is cut down to almost nothing."

Internet Arms arrives April 19 and is available for pre-order now in the Polyvinyl Store. Snag a PV exclusive Early Bird on 180-Gram Clear Fuchsia or Mint Green if you're feeling fresh. Add some glowing merch to your basket and don't forget: you can't hug your children with internet arms.