Listen to Diane Coffee's power ballad
Listen to Diane Coffee's power ballad "Lights Off" ahead of next week's album release
Posted 04/10/2019

Don't stop till you get enough! Internet Arms lands next Friday, April 19th. Get one last taste of what's to come with "Lights Off" - a powerhouse ballad that finds Diane Coffee singing about a crumbling relationship: "Baby turn the lights off / I can see there's something better." :((((((

"For this track, I enlisted the help of childhood friends, Ian Franzino and Andrew Haas of Family Affair Productions, who brought their knowledge of pop production to this song," says Shaun Fleming. "With 'Lights Off,' I wanted the feeling of stagnation expressed in the lyrics juxtaposed against big blasting synths and trap beats to create the excitement and exhilaration of a new beginning. I wanted to straddle the line between the tension of wanting to jump out of your skin versus letting it all go."

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