New Pele Live DVD
New Pele Live DVD
Posted 06/30/2009

Pele fans, listen up! If you were stuck in the US in 2004 and missed Pele's last show ever, which was in Tokyo, Japan, you can now see it on a special edition 2 disc DVD! The first disc contains the full 66 minute live set from Tokyo while the second contains almost another full hour of music improvised by members of Pele that same night. Follow the link below to check it out.

Disc 1:
1. Crisis Win (Live)
2. Gymnastics (Pam) (Live)
3. Cooking Light (Live)
4. Hummingbirds Eat (Live)
5. Safe Dolphin (Live)
6. Nude Beach, Pin Hole Camera (Live)
7. Visit Pumpy (Live)
8. Women Lifting Men (Live)
9. Total Hut (Live)
10. I Am and Exercise (Live)
11. The Faber (Live)

Disc 2:
1 Improvisation
2. Off-Shot