New Owen & XBXRX 7
Posted 07/12/2010

Hey, It's time to celebrate! Because it's officially 7" season! Right now we've got two 7"s up for pre-order. One from Owen (Abandoned Bridges) and another from XBXRX (O). Here's the best part - if you pre-order either of these 7"s, you get an instant MP3 download at check out!

Owen's Abandoned Bridges features the brand new title track on the A-side along with a cover of Wilco's "I'm Always in Love" on the B-side. It comes on either white or black vinyl (white vinyl is limited to 1000 copies and is only available through PV).

It's been a while since XBXRX has released new material, but their new O 7" contains 10 songs! Yes, 10 songs on a 7"! These new songs are a return to form for XBXRX, harkening back to their Sixth in Sixes era. Accompanying the single will be a Lawrence Cline directed mini-movie for the whole single!

Since 7" season is our favorite season, we decided to put together an amazing package deal for you. Right now for only $20 you can get all this stuff.

- Owen's Abandoned Bridges 7" (white vinyl)- XBXRX's O 7"- XBXRX's Sixth in Sixes CD + Instant MP3- XBXRX's Wars CD + Instant MP3- ZZZZ's Palm Reader CD + Instant MP3- 3 free stickers (Owen, Japandroids, Braid)

Plus your choice of one of the following Owen titles

- Owen CD + Instant MP3- No Good For No One Now CD + Instant MP3- I Do Perceive CD + Instant MP3- At Home With Owen CD + Instant MP3- New Leaves CD + Instant MP3

That's 6 releases for $20! I think we've lost our marbles. Click below to place your order.