Love Is All
A Hundred Things Keep Me Up At Night
Nov 11, 2008

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Released by: What's Your Rupture?

Love Is All's second full-length and last before joining Polyvinyl.


A Hundred Things Keep Me Up at Night, beats the dreaded sophomore slump by doing two important things. First, they hew closely to the tinny and overloaded production of Nine Times That Same Song that worked so brilliantly, but introduce enough changes to keep the album from being a carbon copy...

...These are tracks that will propel you out of your seat and toward the nearest empty space suitable for dancing, songs that will hit you right in the gut with their unguarded emotion, and tunes that you will be singing along with the second time the chorus hits...

...Taken together, they position Love Is All as one of the best post-punk revivalist groups, and arguably the equal of their influences. Whether you stand behind that statement or not, A Hundred Things Keep Me Up at Night is as good as indie rock gets in the late 2000s.


  • 1
    New Beginnings (2:54)
  • 2
    Give it Back (3:17)
  • 3
    Movie Romance (2:31)
  • 4
    Last Choice (2:28)
  • 5
    Sea Sick (3:42)
  • 6
    Wishing Well (2:44)
  • 7
    When Giant's Fall (3:37)
  • 8
    Rumours (3:07)
  • 9
    Big Bangs, Black Holes, Meteorites (1:52)
  • 10
    A More Uncertain Future (2:52)
  • 11
    19 Floors (3:47)