Saturday Looks Good to Me
All Your Summer Songs
Mar 18, 2003

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Led by songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Fred Thomas (His Name Is Alive, Flashpapr, Lovesick, City Center), SLGTM's Polyvinyl debut is nothing short of classic.

Named one of Pitchfork's Top 50 albums of 2003, All Your Summer Songs brings to mind:

  • the lo-fi yet jam-packed production styles of Phil Spector, Joe Meek, and Motown's Berry Gordy.
  • the dense arrangements of Brian Wilson, Left Banke, Love, early Rolling Stones and '60's girl groups
  • the impressions all of the above made on contemporary pop artists like Belle & Sebastian and The Magnetic Fields.

Throughout All Your Summer Songs, specifically placed string sections, horns, bells and strange percussion sounds reflect off warm soul rhythms to create electrifying pop songs that overflow with claustrophobic melodies and an unmistakable AM radio vibe.

A huge cast of friends and musicians lent their talents to the making of this album, including guests like Ted Leo, Tara Jane O'Neil, Jessica Bailiff, as well as members of Ida, Secret Stars, His Name Is Alive and others.


  • 1
    Untitled (1:42)
  • 2
    Meet Me By The Water (2:58)
  • 3
    Underwater Heartbeat (1:56)
  • 4
    Ambulance (2:50)
  • 5
    The Sun Doesn't Want To Shine (3:43)
  • 6
    Light Bulb Heart (LP/Digital Bonus Track) (1:29)
  • 7
    Caught (2:06)
  • 8
    All Our Summer Songs (4:27)
  • 9
    No Good With Secrets (3:19)
  • 10
    Alcohol (2:09)
  • 11
    You Work All Weekend (2:59)
  • 12
    Typing (3:29)
  • 13
    Can't Ever Sleep (LP/Digital Bonus Track) (3:14)
  • 14
    Ultimate Stars (3:03)
  • 15
    Last Hour (4:24)


Unshakeable and unique, an utterly timeless structure.


Just to prove how wonderful the traditional form of pop music can be when flawlessly executed, Saturday Looks Good to Me hearkens back to the classic sound of the 50s and 60s.


Varying instruments and catchy pop vocals mesh into one concrete record that sours to new heights track-by-track. Mellow, happy, and experimental all in one foul swoop.


A gorgeous baroque-pop record.


Their best invention yet.


All the songs are catchy, all the melodies are perfectly crafted, and all of it will get stuck in you head...

F.U.G. Magazine

This is a great record.

Modern Fix

Alluring, thoroughly charming.

Shredding Paper

A fun, fine record that you should seek out.

Mundane Sounds
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