Audio Flame Kit
Nov 8, 2005

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Best known as John Davis' band prior to Q and Not U and Georgie James, Corm was together from 1990 to 1997.

Audio Flame Kit was the first and only full-length recorded by these Braid tourmates.

Originally a 1996 split release between Dischord and Shute, Audio Flame Kit eventually fell out of print. In the spring of 2005, the album was remixed and remastered at Silver Sonya/Inner Ear Studios by T.J. Lipple (who has worked on several Dischord remasters and is a member of Aloha) and re-issued by Polyvinyl.


  • 1
    Then I Built My Own Violin (2:12)
  • 2
    Architecture (3:52)
  • 3
    Though I Speak In The Tongue Of Men And Angels (4:05)
  • 4
    Seven Days (1:49)
  • 5
    Ten Thousand Leagues (3:26)
  • 6
    Royal Air Force (4:23)
  • 7
    Braid (3:22)
  • 8
    Gospel Chariots (2:38)
  • 9
    Slims (3:29)
  • 10
    Call Me Ishmael (3:23)
  • 11
    Leaves (3:10)
  • 12
    In This (5:22)
  • 13
    It's A Gospel Song, Really (1:56)


With unpredictable time changes, churning guitars, quick drums and dejected shouts, this band crafted an album truly rough and impressively authentic.

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Urgent vocals, angular guitars, and choppy lyric fragments are what Corm hurl forth best, making them one of the best, but least-known, post-hardcore emo predecessors.

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