Kero Kero Bonito
Bonito Generation
Oct 21, 2016

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London trio Kero Kero Bonito (Sarah, Jamie, Gus) seemed to bounce onto the scene fully-formed with their effervescent DIY mixtape, Intro Bonito, in 2014.

They’d created a technicolor world all their own-one wherein J-pop, K-pop, video games, art, club and electronic music all danced together and everyone was invited.

On this “official” debut full-length, their diverse musical influences blend as seamlessly as Sarah’s combination Anglo-Japanese lyrics.


  • 1
    Waking Up (2:57)
  • 2
    Heard a Song (3:19)
  • 3
    Graduation (3:20)
  • 4
    Fish Bowl (1:46)
  • 5
    Big City (2:52)
  • 6
    Break (3:17)
  • 7
    Lipslap (3:40)
  • 8
    Try Me (3:30)
  • 9
    Paintbrush (0:57)
  • 10
    Trampoline (4:04)
  • 11
    Picture This (3:24)
  • 12
    Hey Parents (3:23)


"Listening to Kero Kero Bonito is like having pure joy injected directly into your ears."


"Kero Kero Bonito make chipper, left-of-center music that preaches the beauty of life’s smallest pleasure."


"Have you ever wanted to know what bubblegum-flavored novelty soda would sound like if it were made out of J-pop-inspired dance beats and liked to party with PC Music? I really can’t recommend Kero Kero Bonito enough."


"A project full of feel-good, glittering pop tunes."


"The LP continues to expand upon their explosively colorful mix of J-pop and dance music, finding new ways to tweak the formula and jolt your pleasure-centers."