Joan of Arc
Boo Human
May 20, 2008

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Done with the young and hungry rat-race of band life, Joan of Arc now exists at the pace their real lives allow. Principal songwriter Tim Kinsella writes songs constantly, but now feels little urgency to put records together and expel them upon an indifferent and cynical world.

By combining one week of studio time, a stack of songs and a sign-up sheet allowing participants to drop in whenever they could, each track on Boo Human is as wildly different and uniquely constructed as the groups who produced them.The combination of 14 musicians whose previous collaborations include Wilco, Iron & Wine, Bonnie Prince Billy, Beth Orton, and Prefuse 73 yields a truly diverse record that is as intense as it is intimate. Marked by intricate guitar melodies, noncognitive wailing and tense instrumentals, Boo Human is Joan of Arc's most accessible, cohesive album since 1997's How Memory Works.

From the addictively syncopated "Laughter Reflected Back" to the unignorable, poetic "9/11 2," Joan of Arc truly proves that doing it their way is the right way.


  • 1
    Shown and Told (3:23)
  • 2
    Laughter Reflected Back (2:45)
  • 3
    Just Pack or Unpack (5:09)
  • 4
    9/11 2 (1:19)
  • 5
    A Tell-Tale Penis (3:50)
  • 6
    Everywhere I Go Everyone I Know Laughs and Says I Told You So (1:23)
  • 7
    Vine on a Wire (4:58)
  • 8
    Insects Don't Eat Bananas (1:51)
  • 9
    Lying and Cheating and Chasing You Around (0:26)
  • 10
    If There Was a Time #1 (3:30)
  • 11
    The Surrender #1 (3:14)
  • 12
    If There Was a Time #2 (3:57)
  • 13
    The Surrender #2 (4:51)
  • 14
    So-And-So (3:13)


Wildly eclectic, arty and stretching from jazzy post-punkers ("Laughter Reflected Back") to string-laden, haunting mini-dramas ("9/11 2") and everywhere in between, the new set sees Kinsella's layers-upon-layers recording style shine, notably with "A Tell-Tale Penis," with its tangle of guitars, tapping-from-all-directions keys, and wacky too-many-words-for-one-stanza shots.

This is Joan of Arc continuing to blaze a brave, new, weird path all their own.

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  • A Tell-Tale Penis (3:53)
    Christopher Perkowitz-Colvard

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