Braid / Burning Airlines
Braid/Burning Airlines
Nov 3, 1998

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When Braid asked Burning Airlines (DeSoto Records) to tour Europe with them in Fall 1998, both bands and their respective labels thought a split release would be a great idea.

An even better idea was to have each band cover a song from the '80s that they liked. Braid covers the Burt Bacharach-penned Naked Eyes song "Always Something There to Remind Me," while Burning Airlines covers Echo and the Bunnymen's "Back of Love."

DeSoto Records released the now out-of-print 7" version of this single.

Burning Airlines was formed by J. Robbins and Bill Barbot (both of Jawbox), along with Pete Moffett of Government Issue. In addition to this release, the band recorded a self-titled 7", two full-lengths and a split with At the Drive-In before disbanding in 2002.


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    Always Something There To Remind Me (Braid) (3:59)
  • 2
    Back of Love (Burning Airlines) (3:59)


This Illinois quartet captures all the hope, frustration, and regret of post-teenage experience in just eight songs. The real knock-out punch, however, comes from Braid's grown-up sense of harmony and their jaw-dropping songwriting skills.

Alternative Press

Every lyric transmits Ernest Hemingway-like romanticism; every jagged chord or meter change serves its song perfectly.

Alternative Press

These 12 songs positively reaffirm Braid's prowess as precise musicians and ace songwriters. With heart-wrenchers like "I Keep A Diary," "Collect From Clark Kent" and "A Dozen Roses" accompanied by fist-clenchers like "Urbana's Too Dark" and "Consolation Prize Fighter," the album has that rare ability to nurse wounds as well as to inflict them.


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