Braid / Corm
Braid/Corm Split
Jun 3, 1997

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"(Strawberryann) Switzerland" was the last Braid recording session to feature founding drummer, Roy Ewing. The song was recorded in Urbana during the same sessions that produced "What a Wonderful Puddle" and "Painting Nebraska." The samples in the beginning and middle are from the film Crimes and Misdemeanors.

The Corm side features "Traded Green Trees." Corm would break up in 1997 and members would go on to form Q and Not U.

Whereas Direction served as Polyvinyl's transition from fanzine to a full-on label, the Braid/Corm split 7" signified a similar aesthetic shift in the label's development. Braid/Corm served as a line of demarcation between prior Polyvinyl releases and what would follow. The label had become self-sufficient enough that it now could support an active roster of bands with full-length releases. Polyvinyl's next release would be Rainer Maria's first full-length album, Past Worn Searching.


  • 1
    (Strawberryann) Switzerland (Braid) (3:15)
  • 2
    Traded Green Trees (Corm) (5:33)

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