Paris, Texas
Oct 17, 2000

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New guitarist, Nolen Treolo, made his debut performance felt on Brazilliant! -- a release that provided a strong indication of what was to come from Paris, Texas. The previous year the band had released its first full-length, So, You Think It's Hot Here?, toured nationally three times, and even made an appearance on E! Entertainment Television.

With the addition of Treolo, the songs became more complex and captured the aggressive side of the band that had always been felt in its live performance.


  • 1
    Le Tigre (2:41)
  • 2
    Dress Stress (2:54)
  • 3
    Razor New Neighbors (2:34)
  • 4
    Future Scars (3:00)
  • 5
    400,000 (3:20)


Brazilliant! is an excellent demonstration of what happens when you mix Cap'n Jazz with The Sex Pistols... This is definitely rock, but unlike much of the unmanageably large indie rock population, these guys are absolutely powerful.


Excellent, hook-laden dynamics piercing the heart of each song... sparkling indie rock

Ink 19

Brazilliant! (Polyvinyl Records), is chock-full of the poppy guitar hooks, clever wordplay and shout-along-in-harmony choruses that made (relative) stars of The Promise Ring and the late, lamented Braid.

River Front Times

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