Breakup Song
Sep 4, 2012

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Deerhoof drummer Greg here to introduce you to our latest record.

We've been called a lot of things, as you know. But pop has always marked the spot on the Deerhoof treasure map.

Pop = catchy

Pop = new

Pop = no rules

So if you want to go dancing or do karaoke with Deerhoof, you don't have to ask twice.

We've just finished a sensational record of Cuban-flavored party-noise-energy music. We called it Breakup Song, but don't expect a bunch of Grammy®-baiting sob stories, OK? In Deerhoof's thesaurus, freedom's just another word for feeling good again and raising hell and getting away with it. Stick with us and the bad guys with guns will never catch up.

- Greg


  • 1
    Breakup Songs (2:02)
  • 2
    There's That Grin (3:18)
  • 3
    Bad Kids to the Front (2:32)
  • 4
    Zero Seconds Pause (2:51)
  • 5
    Mothball the Fleet (3:14)
  • 6
    Flower (2:21)
  • 7
    To Fly or Not to Fly (1:45)
  • 8
    The Trouble with Candyhands (3:03)
  • 9
    We Do Parties (3:01)
  • 10
    Mario's Flaming Whiskers III (2:30)
  • 11
    Fête d'Adieu (3:16)


"...another great album by an indescribably great band...they deserve gushing reviews for their ambition alone. They’re one of music’s great paradoxes, with each of their songs sounding unmistakably their own, despite the band having established few, if any, defining characteristics in the almost-20 years they’ve been on the go."

Drowned in Sound

No-wave crunch meets mutant disco shuffle meets snippets of global rawness and, yeah, it's better than Animal Collective's new one.


a quilt of sounds, stories, images, and anecdotes; you never know what direction you may be headed next.

Interview Magazine

Breakup Song is a joy to listen to.


Deerhoof get into your veins, smash the ice off of your broken heart, inject some saccharine bounce, and get out again without a moment of hesitation.

Consequence of Sound

Deerhoof have made their point and squarely hit their target once again.


leaps out of the speakers at near-distortion level, sounding every bit the mutant offspring of Aphex Twin and T.Rex. ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ 


there isn’t a bad track to be found here.



  • Breakup Songs (2:04)
    Pieter Dirkx
  • Flower (2:23)
    Owen Donovan & Yuan Liu
  • We Do Parties (3:16)
    Michinori Saigo
  • Mario's Flaming Whiskers III (2:34)
    Richard Huntington Swanson
  • Fête d'Adieu (3:27)
    Elias Gwinn
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