City of Festivals
Oct 28, 2003

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Decibully includes seven members playing a variety of instruments ranging from guitar, bass, and percussion to keyboards, banjo, lapsteel, and strings. Though extracted from disparate musical backgrounds, the group has found a common ground in mixing traditionalism with technology.

Decibully mines a unique sound, finely interspersing layers of country-esque flourishes with subtle electronic twinges and rock undertones - topping it all off are lyrics rife with aching, world-weary quixotism.


  • 1
    On The Way To Your Hotel (4:48)
  • 2
    Tables Turn (4:35)
  • 3
    We Belong On Rooftops (2:23)
  • 4
    My Lighter and Strings (3:31)
  • 5
    Spiderbites (4:11)
  • 6
    Tied To The Rhythm (1:45)
  • 7
    Skipping Over Goodbye (2:41)
  • 8
    Small Circles (2:50)
  • 9
    Holy Angel Choir (3:37)
  • 10
    Uncle Sam's Yard (4:20)
  • 11
    Your Love Is A Tempo (4:57)
  • 12
    Beyond Hope (3:28)
  • 13
    Before the Streetlights (Digital Bonus Track) (5:38)


City of Festivals converts some straight rockin' fellas into softhearted, rustic country folk. This new turn really allows their gifts to shine, through songwriting, expert instrumentation, and overwhelming beauty.

Lost At Sea

An eloquent, melodic journey.

It's an amazing album that is almost too beautiful to listen to.

This album has everything: gorgeous vocals, immaculate production, precise instrumentation.

Delusions of Adequacy
The tunes are fresh and difficult to categorize. It is ‘indie unprecedented.'
Colorado Daily

An extremely enjoyable release, and Decibully deserve credit for not always sticking to the rudiments.


A stunning debut.

Buzz Music

Delivers several emotive, melodic tracks that truly display the beauty that can be achieved through orchestrated indie rock.

Jaded Times

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