The Ivory Coast
Aug 28, 2001

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Boston's The Ivory Coast released Clouds, its second album and first for Polyvinyl, in Fall 2001.

The group's prolific members are also in many other bands: Drew O'Doherty is the bass player in Ted Leo and the Pharmacists; Nick and Scott are in Certainly, Sir; Nick and Jay are in The Sea Navy; and Mahmood Shaikh ran the label Big Top Records and is a booking agent for Flower Booking.


  • 1
    Lake Placid 1986 (3:05)
  • 2
    Five Little Graves (3:33)
  • 3
    Swope (3:23)
  • 4
    Things A Sword Would Say (3:56)
  • 5
    Sixty-five Percent (6:29)
  • 6
    Traveler (4:03)
  • 7
    To My Brilliant Wigmaker (3:01)
  • 8
    Daily Routine (1:58)
  • 9
    Taking Up Serpents (1:49)
  • 10
    There Will Be Clouds (14:45)


Highly enthusiastic, synth-laced indie-pop.
This is the epitome of credible indie rock...hummable, catchy songs accentuated by spacey guitar licks...just enough unexpected twists and turns to keep things interesting.
Clouds is a firmly footed, well-proportioned record, balances soft and loud acoustics, tempos and moods, splices in synths and even some trumpets. Fans of Superchunk and Archers of Loaf look no further.
Amplifier Magazine.
Clouds builds upon itself and takes the listener numerous times to fully gather in all the intricacies which it produces.
All Music Guide
Melodic and witty indie rock. Sensitive with a smirk and disjointed in the right places.
Style Weekly

Clouds does the ambitious art-rock thing sans all the drama, snobbery and pretense, instead focusing on the music's blend of sentient, creamy-smooth vocals and Washington D.C.-bred post-core harmonics.

The Ivory Coast has created an album that we're destined to feel nostalgic about someday.
Philadelphia Weekly

This is one hell of a listen, the way rock music should be. 

Jersey Beat
One on the year's finest indie platters, so go ahead, seek it out and get lost in Clouds.
Pop Culture Press
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