Saturday Looks Good to Me
Cold Colors
Jul 24, 2007

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In the three years since their last studio record Every Night, things have been pretty quiet in the SLGTM camp. Devoted fans of the group have become accustomed to their ever-changing lineups, live shows being a format for sound experiments and new tour-only CDRs or records every time the band hits the road.

The band's development and mutations can be tracked through these extremely limited recordings, and anyone who's been paying attention will already know that the last three years haven't been a time of dormancy for the band, but one of weird growth.

Cold Colors follows this line of development and may come as a shock for fans of the bands older material. The five songs on this EP have moved almost completely away from the Phil Spector-esque girl group sound -- instead offering up structure-free fragments of songs, extended tape-loop disintegrations and dubbed out drum jams that move in and out of complete noise meltdowns.

Bringing to mind the icy ambiance of early 4AD records, Arthur Russell's lonely echo sounds or the fucked field recording psychedelia of Campfire Songs-era Animal Collective, Cold Colors is some of SLGTM's most challenging and exciting work.


  • 1
    Cold Colors (4:28)
  • 2
    Drink My Blood (1:45)
  • 3
    Illuminated Circles Dream Of Backwards Running Vampires (1:15)
  • 4
    Idiots (3:25)
  • 5
    Spiderbite (9:18)


...subtle and subdued...but it shows that Fred Thomas and crew are just as good at crafting haunting moods as they are with bright, winsome pop.

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