Saturday Looks Good to Me
Dec 9, 2003

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With "Diary", one of three new tracks from Saturday Looks Good to Me's exclusive Polyvinyl Mail-Order EP, the band has once again cooked up an undeniable slice 60s pop kitsch. Proving that Nitschze's theory of eternal return also applies to the realm of indie-pop, "Diary" comes awash in just about every pre-Reagan-era instrument one could find on their college band practice room floor.

Of course, oceans of Rhodes keyboards, Stax horns, tambourine and organ won't come as much of a surprise for fans of the band's 2003 full-length, All Your Summer Songs; what is surprising, however, is that the band has never sounded quite so lyrically and musically candid.

While much of the material from All Your Summer Songs sounded broadcast by a cheap transistor radio, the production on "Diary" is surprisingly clearer, as each of the band's Spector-esque flourishes are brought to fore of the mix.

With biting lyrics like, "I'm amazed at all the stupid broken things that people say to each other/ When they think no one can hear," "Diary" isn't just a great counter to the joys of seclusion epitomized by The Beach Boys' "In My Room", but also evidence that one of indie pop's most promising bands may still have their best work ahead of them.

-- Hartley Goldstein, Pitchfork


  • 1
    Diary (1:54)
  • 2
    When You Go Out Tonight (2:41)
  • 3
    Girl Of Mine (2:20)

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