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Different Damage
Oct 29, 2002

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Released by: Dischord

Band formed by John Davis after Corm.

The songwriting has tightened up considerably since No Kill No Beep Beep. If most of the songs on their debut were shotgun blasts, these are laser beams: no less destructive, and far more precise. "Soft Pyramids" opens with the band spelling out the song title and several randomly chosen words from the lyrics over dissonant guitars and gauze-wrapped synths.

John Davis, already a great drummer on No Kill No, has improved here, pushing everything along octopus-style, with frenetic percussion and rock-steady beats. Each of these songs nicely highlight his sharp command of rhythm.

"So Many Animal Calls" and closer "Recreation Myth" ride along on slamming beats, while Richards and Harris Klahr carefully match guitar parts, each playing in the space left by the other guitarist for an interesting series of interlockings. The distortion pedals stay in storage for the most part, too, and the new clean tones that have filled their shoes open up the sound beautifully, without sacrificing precious kinetic energy.

Even when dirtier tones do come out, like on the righteously tweaked "Black Plastic Bag", they make a serious impact, turning a charge into a dense, thunderous stampede. And, as if the band's skill and improvement weren't enough, Ian MacKaye and Don Zientara capture their sound perfectly, revealing subtle details while preserving the music's intensity.

— Joe Tangari, Pitchfork (7.8)


  • 1
    Soft Pyramids
  • 2
    So Many Animal Calls
  • 3
    Air Conditions
  • 4
    Black Plastic Bag
  • 5
    Meet Me in the Pocket
  • 6
    This Are Flashes
  • 7
    Everybody Ruins
  • 8
    Snow Patterns
  • 9
    When the Lines Go Down
  • 10
  • 11
    No Damage Nocturne
  • 12
    Recreation Myth

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