Shy Boys
Dim The Light / Brick By Brick
Feb 15, 2019

Expanding on Shy Boys' impressive brand of three-part harmonies and jangle guitar pop, Dim The Light / Brick By Brick comes on the heels of their 2018 album and Polyvinyl debut, Bell House.

The two new songs were written and recorded in the Fall between tours: “I think we’re in a space where we don’t want to hold anything back,” Collin Rausch (guitar, vocals) says. “Being on the road has given us the confidence that we can deliver.”

“I wouldn’t say we were intentionally going for something specific”, says Kyle Rausch, Collin’s brother, who plays bass guitar and drums. “More than anything, we didn’t want to do Bell House 2.0. I don’t see us as the kind of band that makes the same thing over and over again. It’d be too dull to keep us interested.”

While Shy Boys' hallmark is their three-part vocal “blood harmonies”, "Dim The Light" combines this element with the band’s other calling card, interweaving guitar lines, in what likely represents the group’s most muscular track to date –

“On ‘Dim’ I feel like I’m traveling through hyperspace,” says Collin, “or Thor riding the rainbow Bifrost”.

“I recently got back into 90125 by Yes,” says Kyle, “I admit it’s not for everyone. But that record to me is Yes’ version of Invisible Touch by Genesis. They were pushing towards more pop structures on that album and embracing more mainstream production quality”.

Collin describes “Brick by Brick” as a “snakey track. The slow beat, the way the synth bends when it enters, the whispery bridge vocals. If it’s one thing Shys can do, it’s making a sweet song sound sinister.


  • 1
    Dim The Light (3:38)
  • 2
    Brick By Brick (3:11)