Oct 15, 2002

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Not since the Milwaukee trio's People Living with Animals. Animals Kill People. (when ex/future Promise Ring members Scott Schoenbeck and Scott Beshta were still in the band) has Pele had a fourth member on electronics. 2002's Enemies welcomed the addition of Jon Minor to computer/electronics.

As with all of Pele's prior releases, Enemies, the band's fifth full-length, was recorded by guitarist Chris Rosenau and the now infamous "shot o' wang" artwork that appears on the back cover is rumored to be a portrait of Pele drummer, Jon Mueller. Jon also runs a label that releases experimental, free-form music called Crouton.


  • 1
    Crisis Win (7:55)
  • 2
    Safe Dolphin (7:45)
  • 3
    Hooves (3:31)
  • 4
    Hospital Sports (6:40)
  • 5
    Hummingbirds Eat (5:29)
  • 6
    Super Hate (2:00)
  • 7
    Sepit (4:08)
  • 8
    Cooking Light (9:08)


You will no doubt leave with the feeling of being deeply impressed.


It is the absolute perfect chillout CD.

Sit back, relax, and let Pele's Enemies take you on a 45-minute joyride through a warm, careless summer day.


The band knows precisely where it is going every step of the way and is aware of exactly what it wants to accomplish when it gets there.


Pele deserves the most credit for the fragile chord it strikes between the catchy and the ethereal. It's playful music that tells you to shake your booty one minute, close your eyes and dream the next.

The Big Take-Over

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