Saturday Looks Good to Me
Every Night (CD Version)
Sep 14, 2004

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Please note: CD and LP are different versions (arrangements, instrumentation, singers) of the same album.

As many of Saturday Looks Good to Me's listeners will attest, Michigan's own greasy haired heartthrob, Fred Thomas, is the indie rock generation's answer to the masterfully crafted soundwalls and legendary arrangements of such hall-of-famers as Phil Spector, Brian Wilson and George Martin.

Picking up where 2003's critically acclaimed four-track masterpiece All Your Summer Songs left off, Every Night finds the band both expanding on previous styles and evolving into something brand new. The carefree '60's pop vibe that has run through the band's entire catalog is still prevalent, but you'll also detect a new undercurrent somewhere between poetry and desperation.

The songwriting, production techniques, and musical performances have been honed in and pushed beyond all previous efforts, culminating in one of Saturday Looks Good to Me's most lyrically astute, flawlessly arranged and fully-realized works.


  • 1
    Since You Stole My Heart (3:13)
  • 2
    Until the World Stops Spinning (2:55)
  • 3
    Keep Walking (2:37)
  • 4
    All Over Town (2:56)
  • 5
    The Girl's Distracted (1:59)
  • 6
    If You Ask (4:49)
  • 7
    Empty Room (2:15)
  • 8
    When the Party Ends (4:01)
  • 9
    Dialtone (3:31)
  • 10
    We Can't Work It Out (3:37)
  • 11
    Lift Me Up (2:44)
  • 12
    When You Got to New York (3:35)


A four-track revelation, full of emotionally direct, three-minute symphonies that weave Motown with Felt, Phil Spector with Nick Drake.


Thomas brings enough goods to the table that Every Night ought to please audiophiles and pop-lovers alike.


A genuine work of art.

One fabulous record.


All Music Guide

A magnificent record.

this album is full of the pep and hooks that, in the golden days, would have produced mega hits.
TinyMixTapes (4/5)

Saturday Looks Good to Me's most lyrically astute, flawlessly arranged and fully-realized work to date.


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