Jacco Gardner
Fading Cosmos
Jun 14, 2019

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Jacco Gardner cosmic Somnium voyage continues to take flight with the release of a new EP of songs taken from the same late night Lisbon album sessions. Somnium (released in 2018) was a fully instrumental synth odyssey inspired by Johannes Kepler’s 1608 novel and designed for listeners to be transported on their own journey.
The Somnium album was always intended as one 43-minute trip, and whilst thematically similar Fading Cosmos was recorded significantly different. Taking you to the same destination, just via a different route, the new songs were more improvised and at over 8 minutes take you on a longer sonic adventure - mixing cinematic and electronic sounds with jazz and folk.
Jacco explains: “The first ideas for “Fading Cosmos” came after conversations I had with my brother, about the tragic reality that the endlessly rich cosmos around us is rapidly becoming invisible because of an increase of artificial light, leaving us in the solitary darkness of human progress. I wanted to offer some potential visibility into our cosmic neighbourhood with this track, but also to escape into a world of wonder and mystery.”


  • 1
    Fading Cosmos (7:53)
  • 2
    Autumn In Lisbon (7:23)