of Montreal
False Priest
Sep 14, 2010

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    180-Gram Black
    • 20-page 11" x 11" booklet features new paintings by David Barnes & Gemini Tactics.
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    • 20-page booklet features new paintings by David Barnes & Gemini Tactics.
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Teaming up with Grammy-nominated producer Jon Brion (Kanye West, Fiona Apple), of Montreal’s mastermind Kevin Barnes traveled to famed Ocean Way Recording (Michael Jackson, Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra) to record False Priest, his self-professed masterpiece.

As discussed in features in Rolling Stone, SPIN, Under the Radar and Pitchfork, False Priest is speaker-rattling heavy on the low end and features appearances by Janelle Monáe and Solange Knowles (Beyoncé’s sister).

The album also marks the return of organic instruments -- with live drums, strings and pianos replacing the midi sounds and sequencers of previous albums.

The CD and 2xLP both feature a 20-page booklet of new paintings from David Barnes and Gemini Tactics.


  • 1
    I Feel Ya' Strutter (3:40)
  • 2
    Our Riotous Defects (5:15)
  • 3
    Coquet Coquette (3:44)
  • 4
    Godly Intersex (3:31)
  • 5
    Enemy Gene (3:37)
  • 6
    Hydra Fancies (3:25)
  • 7
    Like a Tourist (4:02)
  • 8
    Sex Karma (4:02)
  • 9
    Girl Named Hello (4:14)
  • 10
    Famine Affair (3:49)
  • 11
    Casualty of You (2:59)
  • 12
    Around the Way (4:33)
  • 13
    You Do Mutilate? (6:52)


...frontman Kevin Barnes is putting more flesh on his fantasies, camping up a Prince falsetto over psychedelic soul and new wave disco.

Rolling Stone

No one could've predicted 13 years ago that this Athens, Georgia-based geek would break from the lo-fi, '60s-obsessed Elephant 6 aesthetic and strap on a glammy persona featuring falsetto Prince squeals, Bowie-esque thespian bellowing, and a freakily theatrical stage show rivaled only by Lady Gaga and the Flaming Lips. [9/10]


...one of the most compelling and rewarding records you'll hear this year.


Genius at work.


False Priest is a blur of swings and roundabouts, the sheer ambition of its crazed vision propelling it through any lull.


Dripping with libido and pristine production, False Priest follows Kevin Barnes as he sows his oats from a variety of angles, some of them new, and with multiple partners to boot.


...another solid turn around the technicolor dance floor, albeit one polished to an appealing sheen  by producer Jon Brion.


False Priest is a phenomenal accomplishment for Of Montreal.


Each listen seems to peel back another layer or reveal a delightful little touch we missed on the listen just before, allowing us to listen to the album over and over again with growing enthusiasm. We may just have a modern classic on our hands here.


It's vastly easier to make sense of his latest batch of ecstatic glam/funk/bubblegum fantasies, thanks in large part to co-producer Jon Brion (Fiona Apple, Kanye West). On False Priest, Brion reins in Barnes' hyperactive tendencies and cleans up his sound mix, bringing just enough sanity to make his mad experiments succeed.

Entertainment Weekly

2010's stoner funk LP of the year

High Times
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  • Coquet Coquette (3:29)
    Jason Miller
  • Famine Affair (3:50)
    Nina Barnes & Jason Miller

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