The M's
Future Women
Feb 21, 2006

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Future Women is the far-reaching and ambitious sophomore effort from Chicago's The M's. Gorgeous, sweeping three-part harmonies punctuate the album -- recollecting fuzzed out 60s-era Britpop and 70s-era T. Rex cut and re-formed with a glimpse toward the future.


  • 1
    Plan of the Man (2:51)
  • 2
    Shawnee Dupree (2:55)
  • 3
    Going Over It (2:56)
  • 4
    Trucker Speed (4:10)
  • 5
    Light I Love (2:37)
  • 6
    My Gun (4:10)
  • 7
    Future Women (4:31)
  • 8
    Never Do This Again (4:08)
  • 9
    Mansion in the Valley (2:35)
  • 10
    Underground (2:44)
  • 11
    Darling Lucia (6:16)


The four M's call Chicago home, but with their fuzzy riffs and psychedelic melodies, they could be mistaken for a bunch of British tunesmiths by the names of Ray Davies, Damon Albarn, Marc Bolan, and John Lennon.

Spin Magazine

Future Women needs to be heard by people desperate for an album that takes them on a journey, sonically and emotionally, without being overly precious or self-important about it. The M's have delivered what I dare say is one of the first rock masterpieces of the new year.

The Buffalo News

The M's capture that glorious moment when the British Invasion bands of the '60s were still grappling with their love of R and B while flirting with the more sophisticated harmonies and hooks of classic pop songwriting.

Chicago Tribune

The M's spirit and ambition make a convincing case for rolling back the calendar.

The Big Takeover

Not only does the Chicago foursome bring the raw power needed to make a good racket but they shelter the sound with the kind of sly wordplay and soulful pop breaks the Davies brothers made famous.

GQ Online

The M's aren't a UK rock band, but they do a ripping imitation of one on the title track of their debut album, Future Women, which sounds like an early-'70s Paul McCartney tune upgraded for the post-Strokes era.

The Onion


  • Trucker Speed (4:17)
    Eric Fensler
  • Mansion in the Valley (2:37)
    Jonathan Johnson