Heaven's Youth (Reptilians Demos)
Apr 21, 2012

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Starfucker’s highly regarded full-length LP Reptilians was originally titled “Heaven’s Youth”. Like most artists, song ideas, the album concept and even the artwork continued to evolve. The band changed the title, continued to edit and develop the songs until the final version (Reptilians) was released in 2011.

The original versions of the songs, that were until now only heard by the band, are being released for the first time in a very limited edition of white vinyl. Heaven’s Youth (Reptilians Demos) features all the original recordings that went on to be Starfucker’s Reptilians as well as a re-working of the album artwork.

This release offers a very rare insight into the process that Josh Hodges and Starfucker go through from creating demos to finishing album ready songs.


  • 1
    Born (Original Recording) (4:03)
  • 2
    Jackalope (Julius) (Van Mix) (3:21)
  • 3
    Bury Us Alive (Skeletron Mix) (2:11)
  • 4
    Mystery Cloud (Skeletron Mix) (3:37)
  • 5
    Death as a Fetish (Skeletron Mix) (5:18)
  • 6
    Astoria (Original Recording) (1:53)
  • 7
    Reptilians (Skeletron Mix) (1:58)
  • 8
    White of Noon (Original Recording) (5:25)
  • 9
    Hungry Ghost (Skeletron Mix) (2:09)
  • 10
    Mona Vegas (Original Recording) (3:26)
  • 11
    Millions (Original Recording) (2:37)
  • 12
    Quality Time (Skeletron Mix) (1:55)

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