Here Comes Everyone
Oct 26, 2004

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Here Comes Everyone launches the retooled Aloha machine with a fury of stick-to-the-ribcage blasts and shimmering ballads. Aloha adds the orchestral pop of the late '60s and the post-prog rock of the '80s to its big-thinking, rhythm-rich repertoire. Engaging yet contemplative, Aloha crosses the experimental/populist divide.

Here Comes Everyone brings the listener on a fevered tour of post-modernity, from the edge cities to the urban enclaves, from buried history to the impending future. What can't be painted with words is told by yearning mellotrons, spikey guitars, and graceful chord changes.

With the help of Don Zientara and Chad Clark at Inner Ear/Silver Sonya Studios (where new Aloha member T.J. Lipple works as an engineer), the band sounds warmer than ever, with all the spirit of a basement-show sensation and the gloss and confidence of an arena rocker.


  • 1
    All The Wars (3:53)
  • 2
    You've Escaped (3:26)
  • 3
    Summer Away (3:31)
  • 4
    Boys In The Bathtub (3:38)
  • 5
    Be Near (3:43)
  • 6
    Water Your Hands (5:11)
  • 7
    I Don't Know What Else To Do (4:28)
  • 8
    Setting Up Shop (3:00)
  • 9
    Thermostat (2:53)
  • 10
    Perry Como Gold (5:14)
  • 11
    Altoona (0:56)
  • 12
    Goodbye To The Factory (5:47)


[W]arm, progressive rock with a dreamy, resonant aftertaste.

Here Comes Everyone is the overdue calm to follow Aloha's 2002 post-rock monsoon, Sugar.


You are never completely sure what is going to happen next, but you are always curious to find out and pleased when it actually happens.


The more laid-back and patient take on indie rock, complete with their tasteful use of odd instrumentation works perfectly.

New Scheme

The band create an original sound of layered melodies that tickles the ears.

Real Detroit Weekly

Aloha's Here Comes Everyone is rock ‘n roll perfection.


A band can reach for the stars, create new, original music that will be remembered-like Aloha has-and become a legend.



  • You've Escaped (3:34)
    Jakob Lodwick
  • Summer Away (3:40)
    Adam Bennett

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